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Bird Friend Sitting Yellow Body

Art.No: B22_4yb


Head 100% wool
Body 100% wool
Beak 100% vegan synthetic leather PU
Eyes 100% wool
Feather detail 100% cotton
Label 100% unbleached cotton with sustainable ink
Filling 100% recycelt polyester fibers
Feet SnapPap 60% cellulose, 40% binder latex


HAND WASHING ONLY, Please take care of my BIRD FRIENDS so they will last a long time.


Verantwortungsvolles Produkt


Kopf 100% Wolle 10

Körper 100%Wolle

Schnabel 100% veganes synthetisches Leder PU

Augen 100% Wolle

Federdetail 100% Baumwolle

Etikett 100% ungebleichte Baumwolle mit nachhaltiger Tinte

Füllung 100%recyceltes Polyester 

Füße SnapPap 60% Zellulose, 40% Bindemittel Latex


NUR HANDWÄSCHE, Bitte pflegen Sie meine BIRD FRIENDS, damit sie lange etwas davon haben.


Filling material Recycled Polyester 

​I decided to stuff my birds with a high quality recycled polyester stuffing. It is allergy neutral, complies with OEKOTEX - Standard 100 and is 100% vegan.

The recycled absorbent cotton has the same positive properties as conventional "new" absorbent cotton, but is taken from the cycle and not specially manufactured new.

The pillow keeps its shape even if it is played with or even washed.

Polyester is easy to clean with water, and is therefore more hygienic than those with animal fibers.

Since my wool used has natural irregularities in some places I can't offer a grain filling, as it might escape in various places.

By using recycled fibers, unused plastics are reused (PET bottles, plastic bags, ocean plastic), in addition to the fact that synthetic fibers are easier to recycle again.


​My bird bodies are made of 100% wool whale, which is antibacterial, stain-resistant and self-cleaning. Thanks to the properties of wool, the material rarely or never needs to be washed. This is because the wool fiber regenerates itself in the air. Therefore, the material saves many washes including time and money.

The woolwalk I use is not only visually an eye-catcher, he is 100%Schurwolle from a German supplier from Thuringia. At 385G per square meter, this wool has a good handle, is not too thin, yet flexible and soft. My fabric carries the certification OEKO-TEX® Standard 100-A18-1158 Hohenstein HTTI, so I make sure that my products are allowed to end up in children's arms.

Whether pillows or baby overalls, this pure natural product is appreciated for its positive properties, because the wool grease gives the fabric very special self-cleaning properties, and is very well tolerated by the skin. A natural product like wool is compostable and environmentally friendly.


​​Paracord for lines and patterns

​There are various lines on my birds, these are partially* made from recycled paracord. It is a strong polyester rope made from 100% recycled PET bottles. This newly developed polyester fiber is called rPET (recycled PET). The technical properties of the recycled polyester are comparable to those of a "normal" polyester rope. The result is a colorful flexible rope with a soft feel and a luxurious look.

*Unfortunately, I can't find all rope colors in recycled quality so far, but I continue to research and will be able to work with new suppliers again in upcoming editions.

The "new" purchased tapes are high quality spun polyester. Have a nice look and offer high quality.




​Most of the feet of my birds I sew from SnapPap the "washable paper in leather look". SnapPap is a tear-resistant paper, a modern product which offers a good alternative to leather, creates a natural look and is produced in Germany.

It is 100% vegan. The material does not contain pentachlorophenol, PVC or BPA and is not harmful to the environment or health.

SnapPap is made of more than 60% cellulose. The remaining ingredients are color pigments and latex. The cellulose is obtained from trees from Northern European, sustainably managed forests (mostly spruce).


​If I didn't give the bird feet made of SnapPap, it has feet made of "ReLeda". ReLeda is made from leather scraps from the furniture and shoe industry and natural latex binder. They are shredded and re-pressed. This gives the material its trendy speckled look. It is particularly dimensionally stable and easy to sew, even in multiple layers. The great feel makes ReLeda the ideal material for sewing projects. I liked the reuse of the leather scraps, so I used this material on some of my birds. Made in Germany also carries this sustainable product.

Composition: genuine leather fibers ± 80%, natural latex binder ± 15%, natural oils & pigments ± 5%.

Bird Friend Sitting Yellow Body

Artikelnummer: B22_4yb
129,00 €Preis
inkl. MwSt.
  • Höhe 38cm

    Breite 28cm

    Tiefe 18cm

    Fuß 10cm

    Schnabel 14,5cm

    Federn 10cm

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